The Ghost in the Machine

The Ghost in the Machine This work of short fiction includes a secretary in one of Tecumseh’s law firms receives computer messages from the ghost in the machine. #short fiction #Tecuseh #Indiana #ghost #computer When I was hired for the secretarial position at Horowitz, Petlowski, & Bloomberg Attorneys at Law, I thought it was aContinue reading “The Ghost in the Machine”

Social Distancing Week Five

Social Distancing Week Five Rooster and I are trying to make the best of our Social Distancing Week Five. We have discovered our quarantine routine isn’t going to be easy to maintain. #covid-19 #quarantine routine #social distancing #walking We have now entered into week five of the great social distancing experiment. Everyone in the worldContinue reading “Social Distancing Week Five”

Social Distancing Week 2

Social Distancing Week 2 Rooster and I take social distancing Week 2 in stride. We develop projects, read, write, prepare for powerless in a storm, and get questioned by the police. #social distancing #Christmas lights #police #walking When I started my walk today, the world was alive with the spirit of Spring. The birds chirpedContinue reading “Social Distancing Week 2”

The Zen Cafe Adventure

The Zen Cafe Adventure Rooster and I went on the Zen after our stop at the Studebaker and History Museums. It was interesting on the Zen Cafe adventure. #South Bend #Indiana #Zen Cafe #coffee #Lang Lab #Cool vibe After we finished our stroll through the Studebaker and History Museums, Rooster and I were ready toContinue reading “The Zen Cafe Adventure”

Meandering the Streets of Bushwick

Meandering the streets of Bushwick Our party crossed the bridge and spent an afternoon Meandering the Streets of Bushwick. The day turned into an explosion of color due to the artwork painted on the sides of the buildings. #New York City #Brooklyn #Bushwick #Graffiti art It only requires a meander down the streets of BushwickContinue reading “Meandering the Streets of Bushwick”

Jonesboro River Rally

Jonesboro River Rally Rooster and I traveled to the Jonesboro River Rally and hooked up with some old friends. It was fun to catch up with The Road Dogs. #Jonesboro #Indiana #James Dean Festival #Fairmount #Road Dogs Fall is car/bike show season in our part of the Hoosier state. It culminates with the James DeanContinue reading “Jonesboro River Rally”

Motorcycles on Meridian

Motorcycles on Meridian A spontaneous decision took Rooster and me to Monument Circle and Motorcycles on Meridian. It was a noisy and exciting adventure. #Motorcycles on Meridian #Indianapolis Motor Speedway #Monument Circle #Indianapolis #Indiana #The Brickyard #Moto GP World Championship #Bazbeaux #Soldiers and Sailors Monument Event History The year was 2008, and the Indianapolis MotorContinue reading “Motorcycles on Meridian”

Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark

From the moment Rooster brought home the Henhouse Lady”s Chevy Spark, it took her a while to get used to her new car. #Chevy #Spark #henhouse lady Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark The Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark sits in her driveway because she is now a relucatant owner of a new car. I know this isContinue reading “Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark”

Trapped in the Belly of a Whale

My writing has taken on a life of its own, thus, like Jonah I find myself trapped in the belly of a whale. I need to figure a way out of my dilemma or I will drown in words. #Nanowrimo #writing #adventure blogs #romance novel Trapped in the Belly of a Whale It’s harder toContinue reading “Trapped in the Belly of a Whale”

An Unlikely Pair

This work of short fiction is about the courtship of Bob and Hannah Maverick. Tecumseh, Indiana’s most unlikely pair. #Tecumseh # romance #Valentine’s Day #roses #courtship An Unlikely Pair It was the fall of 1958. The Coaster’s Yackety Yak and Sheb Wooley’s The Purple People Eater blasted from the car stereos of every teenager’s carContinue reading “An Unlikely Pair”