The Haynes Apperson Float

Rooster and I joined a few of our ABATE friends to build the Haynes Apperson float. We suffered the loss of a hammer before we attended the festival. #Haynes Apperson Festival #4th of July  #parade #float #Kokomo #Indiana  #ABATE The Haynes-Apperson float How do you create a Fourth of July float on a limited budget?Continue reading “The Haynes Apperson Float”

Lightning Bugs and Fireworks

My daughter always puts on a great 4th of July get together filled with lightning bugs and fireworks. It is always an entertaining event. #4th of July #family #lightning bugs #mac and cheese #poor man’s baked beans Lightning Bugs and Fireworks The church across the street from my daughter’s house puts on a magnificent fireworksContinue reading “Lightning Bugs and Fireworks”