The City Reliquary Museum

The City Reliquary Museum Our party visited the City Reliquary Museum in Brooklyn. This tiny museum is packed with a plethora of New York City treasures.  #City Reliquary Museum #Brooklyn #New York City #Dodgers #Little Egypt I was the one who discovered the next stop on our Brooklyn excursion. Bushwick was one of the locationsContinue reading “The City Reliquary Museum”

Bushwick Market

On our Bushwick adventure, we stumbled across The Bushwick Market. It proved to be a wonderful addition to our trip to Brooklyn. Rooster found an antique camera. #Brooklyn  #Bushwick Market #New York City #Wyckoff Avenue Bushwick Market The next jewel we discovered wasn’t on Rooster’s list of coming attractions. We stumbled across the Bushwick MarketContinue reading “Bushwick Market”

Meandering the Streets of Bushwick

Meandering the streets of Bushwick Our party crossed the bridge and spent an afternoon Meandering the Streets of Bushwick. The day turned into an explosion of color due to the artwork painted on the sides of the buildings. #New York City #Brooklyn #Bushwick #Graffiti art It only requires a meander down the streets of BushwickContinue reading “Meandering the Streets of Bushwick”

Bushwick Public House

Bushwick Public House Rooster and I continued our search for the coolest coffee house. We believe our quest ended at Bushwick Public House. #Brooklyn #New York City #Bushwick #coffee house When our son suggested we take the initiative and come up with an itinerary, Rooster did his research and stumbled across the Bushwick neighborhood inContinue reading “Bushwick Public House”

Exploring the DUMBO

(On the second day of Rooster and my trip to New York City we explored the DUMBO, It was an interesting tri[p across the bridge. #DUMBO #Brooklyn Bridge #Susan Russo Anderson) Exploring the DUMBO  I first heard about the DUMBO when I read the Fina Fitzgibbons Brooklyn Mystery series written by author Susan Russo Anderson.Continue reading “Exploring the DUMBO”