The Creation Museum

The Creation Museum Rooster and I traveled to Petersburg, Kentucky, to visit the Creation Museum. The journey proved to be an exciting adventure. An eye doctor visit before the adventure   Every year, I visit the Midwest Eye Institute to see if the dark spot at the back of my left eye has turned intoContinue reading “The Creation Museum”

Triple XXX Adventure

┬áTriple XXX Adventure Rooter and I experienced a wonderful culinary Triple XXX Adventure before Coronavirus caused restaurants across the country to close their doors. #American diner #rootbeer #Purdue University #Chevy Spark #Triple XXX The orange and black striped exterior of the Triple XXX diner didn’t give a clue to the delicious food waiting for usContinue reading “Triple XXX Adventure”

The Onesie Pub Crawler Adventure

The Onesie Pub Crawler Adventure On a cold rainy Saturday, Rooster and I went on The Onesie Pub Crawler Adventure. The weather required us to hunt for these elusive creatures. #Broad Ripple #Indianapolis #Indiana #The Yolk #Kilroy’s #Hitherto Coffee Old Man Winter made an appearance during the night to remind us he was still lurkingContinue reading “The Onesie Pub Crawler Adventure”

The Great Cat Escape

Rooster and I discovered a stubborn feline who prevented us from leaving our home. The cat decided to make its home under the hood of the Sunshine mobile and refused to leave. #cat chevy Spark #stubborn feline #great big problem #tornado warning The Great Cat Escape Rooster and I should have realized the animal crackerContinue reading “The Great Cat Escape”