The Benjamin Harrison Historical Home

The Benjamin Harrison Historical Home Rooster took me to the Benjamin Harrison Historical Home for my birthday this year. It ended up being a most wonderful adventure. #Benjamin Harrison #Indianapolis #Indiana #Chevy #Spark @William Henry Harrison Rooster was trying to do a good deed. My husband knows I’m a history buff. I love to wanderContinue reading “The Benjamin Harrison Historical Home”

Milktooth In Fountain Square

Milktooth In Fountain Square Rooster snd I traveled to Milktooth In Fountain Square searching for a unique breakfast experience. This trendy restaurant didn’t disappoint us. #Milktooth #Fountain Square #Indianapolis #Indiana #Chevy Spark #Circle City #Paw Paw Pudding Dutch Baby Pancake Rooster rolled out of bed with a craving to eat something different for breakfast. MyContinue reading “Milktooth In Fountain Square”

Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark

From the moment Rooster brought home the Henhouse Lady”s Chevy Spark, it took her a while to get used to her new car. #Chevy #Spark #henhouse lady Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark The Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark sits in her driveway because she is now a relucatant owner of a new car. I know this isContinue reading “Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark”