Leaving on a Jet Plane

Leaving on a Jet Plane Leaving on a Jet Plane became the last part of our New York City adventure It was time to say goodbye and go home. #New York City #Big apple #American Airlines #Uber Sun streaming through the blinds and the sound of a subway rattling outside the bedroom window woke usContinue reading “Leaving on a Jet Plane”

Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain Walking in the rain deals with how New Yorkers go to church and a soggy visit to Grand Central Station and Rockafeller Center. Therefore, we spent the day in the wet. #Hillsong Church #subway #New York City #Rockafeller Center #Grand Central Station #Indian food On our fourth day in New YorkContinue reading “Walking in the Rain”

The San Jon Christmas Miracle

The San Jon Christmas Miracle The San Jon Christmas Miracle is a short work of fiction about a family who breaks down in San Jon New Mexico before Christmas. #short fiction #Christmas #San Jon #New Mexico Every morning while I waited for my kids to climb on the school bus, I noticed more and moreContinue reading “The San Jon Christmas Miracle”

Tecumseh Christmas Light Controversy

This work of short fiction deals with the fictional city of Tecumseh’s Christmas light Controversy. There is a dramatic disagreement about the T-Rex on the courthouse lawn. Tecumseh Christmas Light Controversy Mayor Mark Howard stood up before the Tecumseh city council the first week in November in the year 2011 and announced the town couldn’tContinue reading “Tecumseh Christmas Light Controversy”

Sugar Cookie Dough Search

In this adventure Rooster and I go on a last-minute search for sugar cookie dough for one of the recipes I use for Christmas morning breakfast. #sugar cookie #christmas #breakfast Sugar Cookie Dough Search The Christmas season is not my favorite time of year. I’ve even been known to be compared to the Grinch onceContinue reading “Sugar Cookie Dough Search”