The American Sign Museum

Rooster and I chose The American Sign Museum as our final stop in Cincinnati. This Museum became the highlight of our adventure. Picking a winner Sometimes, I happen to be the member of our adventure crew that comes up with a great idea. The American Sign Museum happened to be one of those fortunate occurrences.Continue reading “The American Sign Museum”

William Howard Taft Historical Site

William Howard Taft Historical Site The William Howard Taft Historical Site topped the list of places Rooster and I planned to visit in Cincinnati. During our travels, we have stopped at many of the homes of former Presidents. These places are always good adventure destinations loaded with historical facts. We didn’t know much about WilliamContinue reading “William Howard Taft Historical Site”

The Phelps In Cincinnati

The Phelps In Cincinnati Rooster searched online until he discovered the Phelps In Cincinnati. He thought it would be a safe place for us to spend the night in the wake of Covid-19. Our first overnight trip since lockdown Our visit to The Creation Museum is the first overnight trip we’ve taken since the countryContinue reading “The Phelps In Cincinnati”

The Ark Encounter

The Ark Encounter Rooster and I went to The Ark Encounter before spending the night at The Guild in Cincinnati.  It was a spur of the moment adventure we both loved. #Noah’s Ark #Cincinnati #Ohio #The Guild #the ark encounter #the Sleepy Bee #Florence #Kentucky Rooster and I have been back from our trip toContinue reading “The Ark Encounter”