Lake Michigan Motorcycle Ride

Lake Michigan Motorcycle Ride ┬áRooster and I decided to seize the day and go on a Lake Michigan motorcycle ride. The summer was flowing away from us like water in a fast-moving stream. #Lake Michigan #New Buffalo #Four Winds #St. Joseph #Michigan #Road snkes We woke up one morning and realized summer was in ourContinue reading “Lake Michigan Motorcycle Ride”

Rambling Down Country Roads

Rambling Down Country Roads Rooster and I spent a day rambling down country roads with no particular destination in mind. The trip turned into a marvelous adventure. #Indian Motorcycle #Adam’s Mill #Delphi #Indiana #Bricks and Mortar Pub There is an activity motorcycle enthusiasts like to engage in on lazy afternoons. It becomes an obsession withContinue reading “Rambling Down Country Roads”