Nelis’ Dutch Village

Rooster and I decided to do something corny. We paid a visit to Nelis’ Dutch Village. What we discover there was a heartwarming immigrant success story.

Boathouse Kitchen and Swan Dive

Rooster and I joined Marci and Jeff for a meal at the Boathouse Kitchen and Swan Dive on a hot Sunday afternoon. Why we chose the Boathouse Kitchen and Swan Dive. On a warm, lazy Sunday afternoon, no one in the family wanted to spend time in the kitchen. What the situation called for wasContinue reading “Boathouse Kitchen and Swan Dive”

William Howard Taft Historical Site

William Howard Taft Historical Site The William Howard Taft Historical Site topped the list of places Rooster and I planned to visit in Cincinnati. During our travels, we have stopped at many of the homes of former Presidents. These places are always good adventure destinations loaded with historical facts. We didn’t know much about WilliamContinue reading “William Howard Taft Historical Site”

The Phelps In Cincinnati

The Phelps In Cincinnati Rooster searched online until he discovered the Phelps In Cincinnati. He thought it would be a safe place for us to spend the night in the wake of Covid-19. Our first overnight trip since lockdown Our visit to The Creation Museum is the first overnight trip we’ve taken since the countryContinue reading “The Phelps In Cincinnati”

Adams Mill

Adams Mill We made Adams Mill our last stop on our Saturday motorcycle ride. One of the motorcycles developed mechanical issues, so we played at being roadside mechanics before we headed home. Last stop on our Saturday Ride Rooster claims if you hang out at Adams Mill close to the covered bridge long enough, youContinue reading “Adams Mill”

Grissom Air Museum

Grissom Air Museum   Rooster and I joined friends on a ride to the Grissom Air Museum. Our group got lucky because the museum was open despite COVID-19. #Grissom Air Museum #Grissom Air Force Base #Bunker Hill #Motorcycle Ride #Indiana #Broken Arrow From the time I attended elementary school, I’ve known about the existence ofContinue reading “Grissom Air Museum”

The Flippin Cow

The Flippin Cow Rooster and I have paid many visits to The Flippin Cow. Therefore, I have mentioned this restaurant in previous blogs I’ve penned about our visits to Elkhart, Indiana. I decided to write a review about this restaurant now that businesses are reopening due to closures during COVID-19’s social distancing. #Flippin Cow #ElkhartContinue reading “The Flippin Cow”

Adapting to the New Normal

The Henhouse lady is an old bird. She and Rooster are having a difficult time adjusting to the new normal since they enjoyed their old way of life. #new normal #COVID-!9 #forlough Adapting to the New Normal. Suddenly, the powers that be are asking us to adapt to a new normal. Human Beings, by nature,Continue reading “Adapting to the New Normal”