The Hotdog Festival

The Hotdog Festival Rooster and I attended the hotdog festival on a steamy summer day. The event took place in Frankfort, Indiana thus the name for the event evolved from the name for a hotdog. #Frankfort #Indiana #hotdogs #Kentucky Headhunters “Why don’t we ride the bike to The Frankfort Hotdog Festival when I get offContinue reading “The Hotdog Festival”

The Haynes Apperson Parade

  Rooster and I rode in the Haynes Apperson Parade with our ABATE friends. Bikers always lead off the parade and we made a lot of noise. #Haynes Apperson #parade #festival #Marshal Tucker Band #ABATE #motorcycle #Kokomo #Indiana The Haynes Apperson Parade When we exited our front door the morning of July 5, it wasContinue reading “The Haynes Apperson Parade”

The Michiana Greek Festival

Rooster and I travel to South Bend, Indiana to attend the 44th Michiana Greek Festival. We discovered some amazing things about Greek Culture. #South Bend #Indiana #Michiana Greek Festival #Nesting dolls #Orthodox Church The Michiana Greek Festival My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the 2002 romantic comedy featuring Nia Vardalos and John Corbett, is one ofContinue reading “The Michiana Greek Festival”

The Viking Fest

  Rooster and I attended the Viking Fest in an Indiana cornfield. We watched battles, visited vendors selling odd merchandise, and listened to heavy-metal Viking music, It made us wonder who are these people. #Viking #festival #Indiana#Zionsville #Big Ben’s The Viking Fest Rooster and I have committed to living a life of adventure. We wereContinue reading “The Viking Fest”