Jonesboro River Rally

Jonesboro River Rally Rooster and I traveled to the Jonesboro River Rally and hooked up with some old friends. It was fun to catch up with The Road Dogs. #Jonesboro #Indiana #James Dean Festival #Fairmount #Road Dogs Fall is car/bike show season in our part of the Hoosier state. It culminates with the James DeanContinue reading “Jonesboro River Rally”

Halloween Barn Party

  Halloween Barn Party Rooster and I went to a Halloween Barn Party sponsored by the motorcycle rights group we belong to and had a spooky good time. #ABATE of Howard County #Brett and Lynn #Halloween Barn Party When the weather starts to turn cold, the trees change to brilliant reds and orange, and amberContinue reading “Halloween Barn Party”

Rambling Down Country Roads

Rambling Down Country Roads Rooster and I spent a day rambling down country roads with no particular destination in mind. The trip turned into a marvelous adventure. #Indian Motorcycle #Adam’s Mill #Delphi #Indiana #Bricks and Mortar Pub There is an activity motorcycle enthusiasts like to engage in on lazy afternoons. It becomes an obsession withContinue reading “Rambling Down Country Roads”