The Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum

The Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum Rooster and I visited the Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum shortly before  co-vid-19 put a stop to our ability to travel. It was an interesting adventure filled with history. #The Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum #William Henry Harrison #Tecumseh #Tenskwatawa #Prophet’s Town#Indiana #history I have visited the Tippecanoe Battlefield & Museum severalContinue reading “The Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum”

Triple XXX Adventure

 Triple XXX Adventure Rooter and I experienced a wonderful culinary Triple XXX Adventure before Coronavirus caused restaurants across the country to close their doors. #American diner #rootbeer #Purdue University #Chevy Spark #Triple XXX The orange and black striped exterior of the Triple XXX diner didn’t give a clue to the delicious food waiting for usContinue reading “Triple XXX Adventure”

Exploring the Financial District

Exploring the Financial District Our party spent a morning exploring the Financial District. I wanted to see the spot where our first president was inaugurated since I’m a history buff. #New York City #financail district #George Washington charging Bull Sculpture When I discovered Rooster and I was selected to oversee the New York City adventureContinue reading “Exploring the Financial District”