Oakdale Dam

Oakdale Dam Rooster and I spent a sunny Saturday afternoon on a motorcycle ride to Oakdale Dam with some friends. It was a fun trip and a pleasant way to break out of social distancing. #Oakdale Dam #Tippecanoe River #Oakdale Dam Bar and Grill #Walton #Logansport #Delphi #Indiana #Lake Freeman #Monticello #Leffert Stone #Hoosier  Continue reading “Oakdale Dam”

The Flippin Cow

The Flippin Cow Rooster and I have paid many visits to The Flippin Cow. Therefore, I have mentioned this restaurant in previous blogs I’ve penned about our visits to Elkhart, Indiana. I decided to write a review about this restaurant now that businesses are reopening due to closures during COVID-19’s social distancing. #Flippin Cow #ElkhartContinue reading “The Flippin Cow”

The Ruins at Holliday Park

Rooster and I ride the motorcycle to the Ruins at Holliday Park on our first and second adventure in the new normal, Life is not the same these days. #the Ruins #Holliday Park #Indianapolis #Indiana #Bazbeauz #Pizza #road Hazard The Ruins at Holliday Park Rooster and I had enough of the sheltering place mentality whenContinue reading “The Ruins at Holliday Park”

Social Distancing Week Seven

This week, Moly Shea takes you on a journey of making a crazy quilt during the seventh week of social distancing in Indiana and keeping occupied with reading. –Before I begin talking about crazy quilts — it’s important for you to know about the rumors that have been floating around that there might be aContinue reading “Social Distancing Week Seven”

The Ghost in the Machine

The Ghost in the Machine This work of short fiction includes a secretary in one of Tecumseh’s law firms receives computer messages from the ghost in the machine. #short fiction #Tecuseh #Indiana #ghost #computer When I was hired for the secretarial position at Horowitz, Petlowski, & Bloomberg Attorneys at Law, I thought it was aContinue reading “The Ghost in the Machine”

Elba Mae’s Naked Man

Elba Mae’s Naked Man Elba Mae’s Naked Man is a short work of fiction about a woman who wakes up to find a naked man sitting on her front porch bench. Her dilemma is figuring out if he’s a simple drunk or an answer to prayer. #short fiction #Tecumseh #Indiana #police #complaint The best dreamContinue reading “Elba Mae’s Naked Man”

The Night the Moon was Full

The Night the Moon was Full The Night the Moon was Full is a short work of fiction about store clerks who experiences a change on a full moon night in Tecumseh. #folk lore #full moon #short fiction #Quickie Mart The first time I spotted the big orange moon hovering between the clouds like aContinue reading “The Night the Moon was Full”

The Art Scene in Lafayette

The Art Scene in Lafayette Rooster and I took a trip to Lafayette, Indiana to look at art a week before the Coronavirus came into all our lives. #Art #Lafayette #Indiana #Fort Ouiatenon #Purdue University #Art Museum of Greater Lafayette #Fuel Coffee Shop #Artists Own The plan for our excursion to Lafayette was to checkContinue reading “The Art Scene in Lafayette”

Triple XXX Adventure

 Triple XXX Adventure Rooter and I experienced a wonderful culinary Triple XXX Adventure before Coronavirus caused restaurants across the country to close their doors. #American diner #rootbeer #Purdue University #Chevy Spark #Triple XXX The orange and black striped exterior of the Triple XXX diner didn’t give a clue to the delicious food waiting for usContinue reading “Triple XXX Adventure”