Yats Cajun-Creole Restaurant

On a snowy day, Rooster and I took a trip to Yats a Cajun-Creole restaurant In Indianapolis. We enjoyed a taste of New Orleans on a cold afternoon. #Yats #Cajun #Creole #resturant YATS Cajun-Creole restaurant On Saturday winter storm Harper showed up in our neck of the woods, and like an unwanted guest, it refusedContinue reading “Yats Cajun-Creole Restaurant”

Tecumseh UFO Sightings

This short work of fiction deals with several Tecumseh UFO sightings. These shouldn’t be taken seriously because Tecumseh is a fictional town. #short story #UFO sightings #Tecumseh #Indianam #Henhouse Tecumseh UFO Sightings It was a crisp January night. The stars glistened against the dark sky as if they were diamonds spread out on black velvet.Continue reading “Tecumseh UFO Sightings”

Guitars, Indian Motorcycles, Coney Dogs, and Fireflies

Rooster and I went on an adventure to Fort Wayne, Indiana where we experienced Guitars, Indian Motorcycles, Coney Dogs, and Fireflies. #Fort Wayne Guitars, Indian Motorcycles, Coney Dogs, and Fireflies Rooster is typically a great adventure planner, but I’m starting to worry about Rooster. For our next excursion, his suggestions ran the gamut from theContinue reading “Guitars, Indian Motorcycles, Coney Dogs, and Fireflies”

Visit to Izzy & Eddy’s Restaurant

In This review of Izzy & Eddy’s restaurant was written By Molly Shea in the year 2018. We still don’t know if the establishment survived the 2020 COVID=19  closures.    Tipton, Indiana Eating Establishment Rooster and I crawled out of bed on a frigid October morning and went searching for a home-cooked breakfast. We foundContinue reading “Visit to Izzy & Eddy’s Restaurant”

Bikers for Bridges Ride

This blog post tells about the Bikers for Bridges Ride. This is an annual motorcycle charity event to benefit children in our community. Bikers for Bridges If you drive down Main Street on a Sunday afternoon, you might see bikers standing outside the Walt Moss Barber Shop, They aren’t there to create mischief or mayhem.Continue reading “Bikers for Bridges Ride”

Short Fiction: Power Outage

  This work of short fiction deals with a fictional attempt by the residents of Techumseh, Indiana, to explain the cause of a recent power outage. In typical Tecumseh fashion, nobody can agree. Power Outage Wednesday afternoon the south side of Tecumseh went dark. The instant the power outage occurred the air conditioners stopped running,Continue reading “Short Fiction: Power Outage”

Irish Festival

Irish Festival Irish Festival is an annual event held in Indianapolis, Indiana. The entry below is an account of an adventure Rooster and I took to the event. #Claddagh Irish Pub In September, the city of Indianapolis throws a three-day event called the Irish Festival. From the New York Street side of the chain-link fenceContinue reading “Irish Festival”