Midland Arts and Antique Market

What do you do if you want to have an adventure looking at old stuff, and most of the museums are still closed due to COVID? Rooster came up with a fantastic idea. He suggested we find some of the best junk shops in the state. Thus, we decided to go on a trip toContinue reading “Midland Arts and Antique Market”

The Creation Museum

The Creation Museum Rooster and I traveled to Petersburg, Kentucky, to visit the Creation Museum. The journey proved to be an exciting adventure. An eye doctor visit before the adventure   Every year, I visit the Midwest Eye Institute to see if the dark spot at the back of my left eye has turned intoContinue reading “The Creation Museum”

The Ruins at Holliday Park

Rooster and I ride the motorcycle to the Ruins at Holliday Park on our first and second adventure in the new normal, Life is not the same these days. #the Ruins #Holliday Park #Indianapolis #Indiana #Bazbeauz #Pizza #road Hazard The Ruins at Holliday Park Rooster and I had enough of the sheltering place mentality whenContinue reading “The Ruins at Holliday Park”

The Benjamin Harrison Historical Home

The Benjamin Harrison Historical Home Rooster took me to the Benjamin Harrison Historical Home for my birthday this year. It ended up being a most wonderful adventure. #Benjamin Harrison #Indianapolis #Indiana #Chevy #Spark @William Henry Harrison Rooster was trying to do a good deed. My husband knows I’m a history buff. I love to wanderContinue reading “The Benjamin Harrison Historical Home”

Leaving For New York City

giant  Leaving For New York City Rooster and I encountered a series of disasters while we attempted to Leaving For New York City. We started to think we might have to skip this adventure. #Indianapolis International Airport #Power outage  #New York City #Choo Choo McGoo’s In October, Richard and Chris decided they wanted to spendContinue reading “Leaving For New York City”

Searching for James Whitcomb Riley 2

Searching for James Whitcomb Riley 2 Rooster and I went searching for James Whitcomb Riley 2 on a cool fall day. We took on the quest of finding the elusive Hoosier poet. #James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home #Indianapolis #Indiana #Riley Hospital for children #Hoosier #Poet #Lockerbie Street The frost was on the pumpkin, so IContinue reading “Searching for James Whitcomb Riley 2”

Good Morning Mama’s

Good Morning Mama’s Good Morning Mama’s is one of our favorite places to eat breakfast in the Indianapolis area on a sunny Saturday morning. Rooster and I love the place. #Good Morning Mama’s #Indianapolis #Indiana #embrodery Childhood story When I was a little girl, my mother taught me to embroider. My Mama was from theContinue reading “Good Morning Mama’s”

Milktooth In Fountain Square

Milktooth In Fountain Square Rooster snd I traveled to Milktooth In Fountain Square searching for a unique breakfast experience. This trendy restaurant didn’t disappoint us. #Milktooth #Fountain Square #Indianapolis #Indiana #Chevy Spark #Circle City #Paw Paw Pudding Dutch Baby Pancake Rooster rolled out of bed with a craving to eat something different for breakfast. MyContinue reading “Milktooth In Fountain Square”

The Wild Egg Adventure

The Wild Egg Adventure The Wild Egg Adventureincluded three generations of our family. It appears the thirst for exploring runs in our veins. #Indianapolis #Indiana #Wild Eggs #IKEA #Wilson’s Market The Wild Eggs Adventure begins Six people loaded into my daughter’s car on a sunny Saturday afternoon on a search for adventure. Rooster and IContinue reading “The Wild Egg Adventure”