South Haven Icebreaker Festival

South Haven Icebreaker Festival Rooster and I went to the South Haven Icebreaker Festival for a cold but marvelous adventure we experienced in Michigan. #South Haven #Michigan #Crow’s Nest #Kalamazzo #ice sculptures #Frozen Fish Fling #cardboard box sled races I harbor a secret suspicion the reason Rooster wanted us to make the trip to MichiganContinue reading “South Haven Icebreaker Festival”

The Blues Zoo City Style

Rooster and I went to the State Theatre to listen to Tab Beniot play the blues Zoo City style. The concert proved to be a most excellent adventure. #blues music #Tab Beniot # State Theater #Kalamazoo #Jake Kershaw #Whiskey Bayou Review The Blues Zoo City Style The reason we made the decision to have aContinue reading “The Blues Zoo City Style”

Exploring Zoo City

In this blog, rooster and I spent the morning exploring Zoo City. We ate breakfast at the Crow.s Nest, visited the bookstore next door, and drink coffee at the Black Owl Cafe. #Zoo City #Crow’s nest #art #Kalamazoo #Michigan #Black Owl Cafe Exploring Zoo City The Crow’s Nest restaurant is located at the top ofContinue reading “Exploring Zoo City”