Adams Mill

Adams Mill We made Adams Mill our last stop on our Saturday motorcycle ride. One of the motorcycles developed mechanical issues, so we played at being roadside mechanics before we headed home. Last stop on our Saturday Ride Rooster claims if you hang out at Adams Mill close to the covered bridge long enough, youContinue reading “Adams Mill”

Grissom Air Museum

Grissom Air Museum   Rooster and I joined friends on a ride to the Grissom Air Museum. Our group got lucky because the museum was open despite COVID-19. #Grissom Air Museum #Grissom Air Force Base #Bunker Hill #Motorcycle Ride #Indiana #Broken Arrow From the time I attended elementary school, I’ve known about the existence ofContinue reading “Grissom Air Museum”

Lake Michigan Motorcycle Ride

Lake Michigan Motorcycle Ride  Rooster and I decided to seize the day and go on a Lake Michigan motorcycle ride. The summer was flowing away from us like water in a fast-moving stream. #Lake Michigan #New Buffalo #Four Winds #St. Joseph #Michigan #Road snkes We woke up one morning and realized summer was in ourContinue reading “Lake Michigan Motorcycle Ride”

The Hotdog Festival

The Hotdog Festival Rooster and I attended the hotdog festival on a steamy summer day. The event took place in Frankfort, Indiana thus the name for the event evolved from the name for a hotdog. #Frankfort #Indiana #hotdogs #Kentucky Headhunters “Why don’t we ride the bike to The Frankfort Hotdog Festival when I get offContinue reading “The Hotdog Festival”

Nick’s Kitchen

Rooster and I took an evening ride to Nick’s Kitchen, the home of the Hoosier delicacy known as the tenderloin. The trip proved to be a delicious adventure. #Nick’s Kitchen #tenderlion #huntington #indiana #farming Nick’s Kitchen The breaded pork tenderloin is a Hoosier delicacy. It’s hard to find one of these sandwiches outside of theContinue reading “Nick’s Kitchen”