Social Distancing Week 1

Social Distancing Week 1 This is the start of a series of blogs I wrote about Rooster and my social distancing adventures during COVID-19. #social distancing #Covid-19 #plan #New York City #SS Bazinet Rooster and I have spent a week social distancing from everyone we know and love, and we are still talking to oneContinue reading “Social Distancing Week 1”

Hoosiers Prepare for the Apocalypse

Hoosiers Prepare for the Apocalypse The world went crazy overnight, so I decided to write a blog about how Hoosiers prepare for the Apocalypse. The toilet paper shortage came as a surprise to Rooster and I. #Covid-19 #work #toilet paper #shortages #hand sanitizer I staggered into work on Monday morning, still hungover from the DaylightContinue reading “Hoosiers Prepare for the Apocalypse”

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Leaving on a Jet Plane Leaving on a Jet Plane became the last part of our New York City adventure It was time to say goodbye and go home. #New York City #Big apple #American Airlines #Uber Sun streaming through the blinds and the sound of a subway rattling outside the bedroom window woke usContinue reading “Leaving on a Jet Plane”

Times Square in the Rain

Times Square in the Rain Rooster and I spent the last night of our trip in Times Square in the rain. It was an interesting way to watch people and search for hidden treasures. #New York City #Times Square #subway #Talk Sex with Dick The weather didn’t improve on our last day in New YorkContinue reading “Times Square in the Rain”

Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain Walking in the rain deals with how New Yorkers go to church and a soggy visit to Grand Central Station and Rockafeller Center. Therefore, we spent the day in the wet. #Hillsong Church #subway #New York City #Rockafeller Center #Grand Central Station #Indian food On our fourth day in New YorkContinue reading “Walking in the Rain”

Holiday Market at Union Square

Holiday Market at Union Square Rooster and I were on our own when we visited the Holiday Market at Union Square. We spent an enjoyable couple hours of shopping. #New York City #Union Square #holiday market #The Passage #Kristian Jones #East Villiage From the time Santa rides into town on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeContinue reading “Holiday Market at Union Square”

Exploring the MoMA

Exploring the MoMA Rooster and I discovered there was a night where a person could spend exploring the MoMA for free. We all know Rooster is a frugal man. There was no way he’d ever pass up this opportunity. #Museum of Modern Art #MoMa #New York City The Museum of Modern Art in New YorkContinue reading “Exploring the MoMA”

The City Reliquary Museum

The City Reliquary Museum Our party visited the City Reliquary Museum in Brooklyn. This tiny museum is packed with a plethora of New York City treasures.  #City Reliquary Museum #Brooklyn #New York City #Dodgers #Little Egypt I was the one who discovered the next stop on our Brooklyn excursion. Bushwick was one of the locationsContinue reading “The City Reliquary Museum”

Bushwick Market

On our Bushwick adventure, we stumbled across The Bushwick Market. It proved to be a wonderful addition to our trip to Brooklyn. Rooster found an antique camera. #Brooklyn  #Bushwick Market #New York City #Wyckoff Avenue Bushwick Market The next jewel we discovered wasn’t on Rooster’s list of coming attractions. We stumbled across the Bushwick MarketContinue reading “Bushwick Market”

Meandering the Streets of Bushwick

Meandering the streets of Bushwick Our party crossed the bridge and spent an afternoon Meandering the Streets of Bushwick. The day turned into an explosion of color due to the artwork painted on the sides of the buildings. #New York City #Brooklyn #Bushwick #Graffiti art It only requires a meander down the streets of BushwickContinue reading “Meandering the Streets of Bushwick”