Circus City Festival

Rooster and I travel to Peru, Indiana to attend the Circus City Festival. We experienced an evening of wonder and excitement during the show. #Circus City Festival #Peru #Indiana Circus City Festival It was ninety-seven degrees and muggy by eight o’clock in the morning. There wasn’t even the suggestion of a breeze stirring to blowContinue reading “Circus City Festival”

Cirque Italia Came to Town

A circus theme took over Rooster and my life since our visit to Peru, Indiana. Imagine our surprise when the Cirque Italia came to town. #Cirque Italia #Peru #Indiana #Circus City Museum Cirque Italia Came to Town My life seems to be revolving around the circus these days. It all started last winter when RoosterContinue reading “Cirque Italia Came to Town”

International Circus Hall of Fame

Rooster and I took a trip to the International Circus Hall of Fame. This became one of my favorite adventures in 2019. We learned a lot of circus history during our visit. #International Circus Hall of Fame  #Peru #Indiana #Mr. Weenie #Bob Cline International Circus Hall of Fame Our most recent Saturday morning adventure wasContinue reading “International Circus Hall of Fame”

Circus City Adventure

On a cold winter morning, Rooster and I headed for Peru, Indiana to visit Circus City Center. We had a wonderful Circus City adventure and I got the inspiration for a book. #Peru #Indiana #Ringling Brother #Barnum & Bailey #circus #clown Circus City Adventure In May of 2017, the big top of the last greatContinue reading “Circus City Adventure”