Social Distancing Week Seven

This week, Moly Shea takes you on a journey of making a crazy quilt during the seventh week of social distancing in Indiana and keeping occupied with reading. –Before I begin talking about crazy quilts — it’s important for you to know about the rumors that have been floating around that there might be aContinue reading “Social Distancing Week Seven”

Social Distancing Week 1

Social Distancing Week 1 This is the start of a series of blogs I wrote about Rooster and my social distancing adventures during COVID-19. #social distancing #Covid-19 #plan #New York City #SS Bazinet Rooster and I have spent a week social distancing from everyone we know and love, and we are still talking to oneContinue reading “Social Distancing Week 1”

Trapped in the Belly of a Whale

My writing has taken on a life of its own, thus, like Jonah I find myself trapped in the belly of a whale. I need to figure a way out of my dilemma or I will drown in words. #Nanowrimo #writing #adventure blogs #romance novel Trapped in the Belly of a Whale It’s harder toContinue reading “Trapped in the Belly of a Whale”