Marriage Advice from an Old Hen

Marriage Advice from an Old Hen I wrote marriage advice from an old hen on Rooster and my forty-five years wedding anniversary. We’ve managed to live together for a long time like one another. In my book, that makes us experts on marriage, so I decided to write this blog. #marraige #advice #respect #love TodayContinue reading “Marriage Advice from an Old Hen”

An Unlikely Pair

This work of short fiction is about the courtship of Bob and Hannah Maverick. Tecumseh, Indiana’s most unlikely pair. #Tecumseh # romance #Valentine’s Day #roses #courtship An Unlikely Pair It was the fall of 1958. The Coaster’s Yackety Yak and Sheb Wooley’s The Purple People Eater blasted from the car stereos of every teenager’s carContinue reading “An Unlikely Pair”