Social Distancing Week 2

Social Distancing Week 2 Rooster and I take social distancing Week 2 in stride. We develop projects, read, write, prepare for powerless in a storm, and get questioned by the police. #social distancing #Christmas lights #police #walking When I started my walk today, the world was alive with the spirit of Spring. The birds chirpedContinue reading “Social Distancing Week 2”

Social Distancing Week 1

Social Distancing Week 1 This is the start of a series of blogs I wrote about Rooster and my social distancing adventures during COVID-19. #social distancing #Covid-19 #plan #New York City #SS Bazinet Rooster and I have spent a week social distancing from everyone we know and love, and we are still talking to oneContinue reading “Social Distancing Week 1”