Twisted Grandma

This short fiction story takes places in the fictional town of Tecumseh, Indiana that involves Thanksgiving, a disgruntled Grandma with murder in her heart, a tornado, a  family secret that is hidden in a basement deep freezer. Twisted Grandma “You best get out of my kitchen, Old Man, or I’ll gut you with this knifeContinue reading “Twisted Grandma”

Social Distancing Week Seven

This week, Moly Shea takes you on a journey of making a crazy quilt during the seventh week of social distancing in Indiana and keeping occupied with reading. –Before I begin talking about crazy quilts — it’s important for you to know about the rumors that have been floating around that there might be aContinue reading “Social Distancing Week Seven”

The Preacher’s Brush with the Law

This work of short fiction deals with the preacher’s brush with the law. Even though the story is set in the fictional city of Tecumseh, Indiana, a part of this story happened to a certain preacher I know. #preacher #Tecumseh #Indiana The Preacher’s Brush with the Law The Rescue Me Bail Bonds office phone rangContinue reading “The Preacher’s Brush with the Law”

The Tribulations of Luther Pigg III

In this piece of short fiction, we examine The Tribulations of Luther Pigg III. Luther is faced with many challenges including the locked door of The Cup & Spoon. #short story #Tecumseh #Indiana  The Trials and Tribulations of Luther Pigg III Luther Pigg III was never considered the sharpest tool in the shed by anyoneContinue reading “The Tribulations of Luther Pigg III”