Snow Day

  Snow Day Snow Day is a short work of fiction about a snowstorm in the fictional city of Tecumseh< Indiana, The kids are home from school and their next-door neighbor is Quirt. The situation leads to big trouble. #short fiction #Tecumseh #Indiana #Quirt #snowstorm Kenny Mulligan woke up to discover a miracle had takenContinue reading “Snow Day”

Yats Cajun-Creole Restaurant

On a snowy day, Rooster and I took a trip to Yats a Cajun-Creole restaurant In Indianapolis. We enjoyed a taste of New Orleans on a cold afternoon. #Yats #Cajun #Creole #resturant YATS Cajun-Creole restaurant On Saturday winter storm Harper showed up in our neck of the woods, and like an unwanted guest, it refusedContinue reading “Yats Cajun-Creole Restaurant”