Dispatch I have a problem

Dispatch I have a problem is a short work of fiction dealing with a Sherriff deputy and a speeding car full of chickens. Tecumseh is a fictional town located somewhere in Indiana. Dispatch I have a problem Washington County Sherriff’s Deputy G.W. Harding was about to end his shift. It was 11:45 p.m. on aContinue reading “Dispatch I have a problem”

The Big Bug Invasion

This story of short fiction thew big bug invasion in Tecumseh when a giant sculpture is erected to attract tourists and the disappearance of the Iron Man. #short fiction #sculpture #Tecumseh #Indiana The Big Bug Invasion Nobody in Tecumseh is sure about who came up with the idea. The only thing the citizens of theContinue reading “The Big Bug Invasion”

The Smackdown at OK Pizzeria

In this short work of fiction, you will encounter a small city rumor mill, an unfaithful husband, and a smackdown at the O.K. Pizzeria. #Tucumseh #Indiana #rumor mill #adultry #smackdown Smackdown at OK Pizzeria The bad thing about living in a small city like Tecumseh is everybody knows your business.  That’s why the smackdown atContinue reading “The Smackdown at OK Pizzeria”

The Preacher’s Brush with the Law

This work of short fiction deals with the preacher’s brush with the law. Even though the story is set in the fictional city of Tecumseh, Indiana, a part of this story happened to a certain preacher I know. #preacher #Tecumseh #Indiana The Preacher’s Brush with the Law The Rescue Me Bail Bonds office phone rangContinue reading “The Preacher’s Brush with the Law”

The Tribulations of Luther Pigg III

In this piece of short fiction, we examine The Tribulations of Luther Pigg III. Luther is faced with many challenges including the locked door of The Cup & Spoon. #short story #Tecumseh #Indiana  The Trials and Tribulations of Luther Pigg III Luther Pigg III was never considered the sharpest tool in the shed by anyoneContinue reading “The Tribulations of Luther Pigg III”

An Unlikely Pair

This work of short fiction is about the courtship of Bob and Hannah Maverick. Tecumseh, Indiana’s most unlikely pair. #Tecumseh # romance #Valentine’s Day #roses #courtship An Unlikely Pair It was the fall of 1958. The Coaster’s Yackety Yak and Sheb Wooley’s The Purple People Eater blasted from the car stereos of every teenager’s carContinue reading “An Unlikely Pair”

Tecumseh UFO Sightings

This short work of fiction deals with several Tecumseh UFO sightings. These shouldn’t be taken seriously because Tecumseh is a fictional town. #short story #UFO sightings #Tecumseh #Indianam #Henhouse Tecumseh UFO Sightings It was a crisp January night. The stars glistened against the dark sky as if they were diamonds spread out on black velvet.Continue reading “Tecumseh UFO Sightings”

Short Fiction: Power Outage

  This work of short fiction deals with a fictional attempt by the residents of Techumseh, Indiana, to explain the cause of a recent power outage. In typical Tecumseh fashion, nobody can agree. Power Outage Wednesday afternoon the south side of Tecumseh went dark. The instant the power outage occurred the air conditioners stopped running,Continue reading “Short Fiction: Power Outage”