Back to the Fifties Festival

Back to the Fifties Festival Rooster and I traveled to the Back to the Fifties Festival to catch a blast for the past. We spend an exciting afternoon looking at old cars and listening to good music. #Izzy & Eddy’s.#Tipton #Indiana #Lebanon #Cushman motorcycle #Back to the Fifties Festival # Ford Edsel #Terri Lee &Continue reading “Back to the Fifties Festival”

Support the Troops Ride 2019

The Support the Troops Ride 2019 became the largest motorcycle event Rooster and I attended for the year. Rides show up from all over the mid-west to participate. #motorcycle events #Support the Troops Ride #ABATE #Indiana Supporting the Troops Ride 2019 It was 2003, and our country was going to war. September 11, 2001, wasn’tContinue reading “Support the Troops Ride 2019”

Visit to Izzy & Eddy’s Restaurant

In This review of Izzy & Eddy’s restaurant was written By Molly Shea in the year 2018. We still don’t know if the establishment survived the 2020 COVID=19  closures.    Tipton, Indiana Eating Establishment Rooster and I crawled out of bed on a frigid October morning and went searching for a home-cooked breakfast. We foundContinue reading “Visit to Izzy & Eddy’s Restaurant”